#88: unearthly earth-inspired fits, a mind-melting pair of pants, and a sculptural hair claw
#87: a bold safety pin dress, a versatile plaid top, and an edgy belt from an iconic designer 
#86: globetrotting ice cream flavors, delightful beaded earrings, and a vintage parlor set 
#85: funky cowgirl mules, a wild and free perfume, and itty bitty boot vases
#84: an easygoing jumper dress, a hair-growth duo, a skin-evening cream, a pumpkin face mask, and boozy tea. A guest post from Casey Lewis! 
#83: an innovative steam press, an all-natural teeth whitener, and dreamy calendars for the next... 6 months
#82: a groovy bikini, refreshing hibiscus water, and shimmery, sparkly nail polish
#81: a chic AC unit, planet-saving shampoo bars, and a core-strengthening rocking chair
#80: an iconic fragrance spray, moisture-wicking lipstick, and shoes for fashion n00bs
#79: a short and sweet dress, a polished yet playful gown, and a cool and unconventional jumpsuit
#78: a silver-woven sheet set, a mat for combatting back pain, and long-distance lamps
#77: Y2K in 2021! Sleek low-rise pants, a psychedelic Pucci hat, and sophisticated beaded chokers