Sight for Sore Eyes

Hello everyone! Here at Worn In, Worn Out, we like to have some occasional fun: every tenth post, I write about things I dislike and don’t want. Apologies to the new subscribers whose first impression of this newsletter will be a negative one, but don’t worry, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming next week. Also, if anyone vehemently disagrees with my picks, I would love to hear it!

Spot Check


I did a quick Target run last week, intending only to grab detergent, Tylenol, and cat food. But the Target effect is a well-documented phenomenon, so while I was there I decided to check out their skincare aisle, since the moisturizer I’ve been using was on its last legs (Kiehl’s, very much recommended). The Superfood and Vitamins Moisture Boost from Sweet Chef, the spinoff line of K-beauty giant Glow Recipe, caught my eye, and after a quick scan of skincare Reddit, this effusive review won me over. But just a few days after I started slathering it on my face, I was sporting two angry zits on my cheek, plus a smattering of red bumps on my forehead. I immediately backed off and lo and behold, my skin slowly returned to normal. I can’t be certain that this product caused my breakout, but with so many moisturizers on the market, it’s just not worth it to try and investigate further. Plus, the fragrance, a sort of herbal, lavender-y scent, didn’t appeal to me, so it’s officially been relegated to only elbows and knees. 

Girls Gone Ghoulish


I watched a performance of ABT’s “Whipped Cream” a couple summers ago, and, I’m not gonna lie, I did not enjoy the experience!! The ballet’s sets and costumes were designed by artist Mark Ryden, whose work I’ve always regarded with a slight chill — his bobble-head dolls stare at you with blank expressions, vacant-eyed and ghostly pale. No disrespect to anyone who’s into the creepy-cute aesthetic, but it’s simply not for me, and thus I can’t imagine why anyone would want to display this demonically-possessed harlequin on their kitchen wall, or flaunt this raspberry-blowing brooch on their lapel, or wear this clearly conjunctivitis-plagued eye around their neck. But hey, if you love that stuff, more power to ya — just don’t expect me to sympathize when you accidentally summon Satan. 

Glass Half-Empty


Don’t get me wrong, I quite like the look of these glass purses, but I’m a little confused about what their purpose is exactly. Obviously they can’t be used as an actual purse; I mean, imagine lugging one of these thing around and accidentally shattering it into a million pieces when you brake too hard. So I guess they’re just supposed to be displayed in your house?? As like an art piece?? Maybe you can use it as a vase, but it doesn’t seem like flowers would be able to stand up very well. Anyway, I’m happy to add it to my I Don’t Understand and It’s Not For Me list, which grows longer by the day.

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