#121: a fabulous felted fish, svelte beaded rings, and press-ons for dipping my toes into the nail art world
#120: a whopper of a sun hat, oysters delivered to your door, and raw silk trousers for TikTok teens cosplaying as coastal grandmothers 
#119: a dream of a dress (that will remain a dream), sprightly, spring-y mini cakes, and vessels for late-night thirst quenching
#118: patchwork knitted headbands, theatrical glove hair clips, and an illusion scrunchie bracelet 
#117: very vibrant eyeliners, toy-looking training cookware, and mosaic bar soaps 
#116: perfume to wear to the Kentucky Derby, a lucky egg-shaped amulet, and a fuzzy patched-together tote bag
#115: cheap yet chic sunglasses, an eccentric avian lamp, and art prints with an ineffable vibe
#114: dainty beaded socks, perler beads with a trendy twist, and a bunny trinket dish that'll tug at your heartstrings
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Worn In, Worn Out