Back to Basics

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! 

Today’s newsletter is my 80th! If you’re new to WIWO, every tenth issue I switch it up and write about some things I don’t like and don’t want, just to keep you guys on your toes. Check out these past issues to see what else I’m saying “no thanks” to. 

Earlier this month, the New York Times published an article breaking down the phrase “cheugy,” which, if you’re not aware, basically means basic: think Ugg boots, minion memes, emoji pillows, and monogrammed towels. Before I became an, ahem, shining paragon of good taste and cool style, I too was a cheug, and I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and highlight some products I used to love that fit neatly under this descriptor. (No tea no shade if you’re into any of these things; you do you, love that for you, etc.) We all possess some degree of cheuginess deep down — embrace it!

Cool as a Cucumber


Everyone — and I mean everyone — in middle school kept these Bath & Body Works fragrance mists in their P.E. lockers, and no scent was more ubiquitous among us 12-year-old girls than the iconic Cucumber Melon. One whiff of that cool blend of crisp cucumber and summer cantaloupe and I’m instantly back to browsing the Sillybandz collection at Aeropostale. Cucumber Melon is the closest to my heart, but I also have to give an honorable mention to Warm Vanilla Sugar and Japanese Cherry Blossom, both of which came very close in the race for the cheugiest Bath & Body Works scent. What’s your go-to B&BW fragrance?

Zip Your Lips


Remember in 2015 when Kylie Cosmetics was all the rage and people were flipping her lip kits on eBay for like 10x the price? I won’t lie, I was really buying into the hype — the only thing stopping me from getting one was the fact that they were selling out in 30 seconds flat. That all changed, however, when a friend lent me one of her lip kits while we were getting ready to go out; when I woke up the next morning my lips felt like they’d been run through one of those freeze dryers used to make astronaut food. Turns out that slathering your mouth with the cosmetic equivalent of cement is not, in fact, a pleasant feeling!

Eye Heart You


My brief but influential streetwear phase began with a pair of CDG Converse, and honestly, I still think they’re kinda cute! Even though you’re paying an extra $50 for what’s essentially an iron-on applique, their signature red heart logo really does elevate the shoe and that pop of color helped pull together a lot of outfits. Would I buy another pair today? Hell no. But it was definitely a big step for me in terms of getting more into fashion and style, and even though they’ve garnered a deserved reputation as an entry-level starter piece, I still look back on ‘em with a lot of fondness and only a little bit of cringe.

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