Two reasons I started Worn In, Worn Out:

1) I’m passionate about supporting small, independent brands that are creating really dope and interesting things, and are often at the forefront of the sustainable, ethical, and inclusive movements within the fashion industry. I want to spread the word about them far and wide.

2) I get a lot of comments on what I wear. Nice comments, I mean, stuff like “I love your sweater!” and “Where’d you get your earrings?” Anyway, that really went to my head, so now I think I’m cool and have good taste and possess the authority to tell other people what to buy that will show that they are cool and have good taste.

A little about me: I’m Kitty, I’m 22, I live in New York, and before the pandemic I had pink hair. Now my hair is like half dark half pink, but I’m still all pink in spirit. See more of my work at and come hang out with me on Twitter & IG.

Thanks for stopping by and going shopping with me!