Saddle Up!

Howdy everyone, happy Wednesday! 

Apologies for going dark last week — I was feeling a little under the weather, but thankfully I’m on the upswing now, and I have a really fun issue for y’all today: Westerncore! I’ve been seeing the style everywhere — fun fringed jackets, big belt buckles, dainty silk slips paired with oversized cowboy boots — so I decided to put together some recs that’ll help you hop on the trend without going full Americana camp. Life’s a rodeo, might as well lean into it! 🤠

Pack Mule


Cowboy boots < cowgirl mules. These playful, subversive heels by London-based label Western Affair come in an array of funky colorways, from maroon and gold to cognac and turquoise, peach and coral to black and mint. They’re made in small batches and each one is crafted from leftover tablecloths and leather scraps, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Personally, I cannot wear these mules (pointy shoes are a death knell for my wide, flat feet), but if you are slim of foot and wild of heart, please buy these and let me live out my glamorous cowgirl fantasies through you! 

Greener Pastures


I’ve never loved leather accords, which is what I was afraid Mondo Mondo’s “Cowboy” would go heavy on, but I needn’t have worried; when I finally got my hands on a sample, it turned out to be fresh and verdant, with notes of honeysuckle, grass, and earth girded with an undercurrent of tobacco and coffee. In short, it smells exactly like the effervescent green color that it is. Considering the 90+% humidity we’ve been having, one invigorating whiff of this instantly cuts through the stifling damp heat and makes me feel like I’m riding my horse through wild grasslands under the open sky. 

Bitty Boots


Don’t want to go full-on rodeo but still want to add a little yeehaw energy to your life? These tiny boot bud vases from illustrator and ceramicist Victoria Cossack should do the trick nicely. They’re perfect for holding a couple stems or a single paint brush or pencil between uses, or they look mighty fine on their own. Guaranteed to add a touch of Western flair to your desk, nightstand, or mantelpiece.

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