Past Your Prime

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday!

So... let’s talk about the Prime Day mania of the past two days. I myself did not partake, but if you did, I’m happy for you! I’ll never shame anyone for their spending habits (well, maybe except for those “$1000 Shein haul!!!” influencers 🙄), plus everyone’s circumstances are unique, plus I know perfectly well how powerful the serotonin rush of retail therapy can be, so if you decided to just go ahead and spring for some rarely-on-sale serum that was half off, then by all means, get your pleasures where you can. 

Nevertheless, if you’re subscribed to this newsletter, I presume that must mean you’re exploring other options, or you’re at least curious about what else is out there in the vast retail landscape. In which case, I’m delighted to show you! Today I’m taking 3 things I’ve bought off Amazon in the past and presenting some cool alternatives. They aren’t as convenient and definitely won’t arrive within 2 days, but personally I’m willing to make the trade and I hope you are too!

Full Steam Ahead


I sure do own a lot of “dry clean only” clothes for someone who does not possess the willpower to regularly make the trek to the dry cleaner’s. Instead, I just throw my silk shirts and wool pants into the washer on the “handwash” cycle and let them air dry, resulting in clothes with more wrinkles than a shar pei. I bought this steamer to try to straighten them out, but it was so big and bulky that there was no way I’d bring it with me during my move. When I saw this steam press from Nori, I was immediately enamored. I love the gadget’s design, which resembles a blown-up hair straightener and seems like a breeze to use. Plus, as someone for whom “storage space” is currently a foreign concept, I appreciate that it’s small and sleek and streamlined enough to tuck into your suitcase when traveling. 

Pearly Whites


I have no desire for unnaturally white veneer-esque chompers, but I do drink a lot of tea, so I wanted to see if there was a product out there that could lighten my teeth a few shades. I bought myself the classic Crest White Strips, but they ended up causing some sensitivity, so they quickly became relegated to the back of my bathroom cabinet. Recently, however, I stumbled across this botanical teeth whitening pen from Keeko and decided to give it a shot. It contains all natural ingredients, including sodium bicarbonate, cranberry, aloe vera, and chamomile, and all you have to do is brush the gel onto your teeth and let it dry. It’s very mild-tasting, the application is super easy, and though it could all be in my head, I feel like I’m seeing some promising results.

Save the Date


I like Charles Wysocki’s art a lot — his portraits of old-timey Americana are very charming — but I do question why I chose to hang his 2017 calendar on my bedroom wall for a year when there are so many small artists out there creating unbelievably beautiful prints. I bought this dreamy desk calendar back in January, which is sadly sold out now, but even though we’re already halfway through the year it’s not too late to support one of the many wildly talented artists on Etsy. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into whimsical fairytale animals, minimal nature sketches, or bold graphic fruits — or even if you live by the lunar calendar instead.

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