Here Come the Brides

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday!

It’s shaping up to be a big year for weddings. I’ve been working at a bridal gown company for the past nine months, so I’ve had a front-row seat to the wedding fever that’s currently sweeping the nation. One of my friends just got engaged (nooo, that doesn’t freak me out at all ha ha 😅), so of course I jumped into action and started providing dress recs, and I figured I would share some of my finds in case any of my lovely subscribers are about to tie the knot. Anyone in the process of searching for your dream dress? Let me know what you’re looking for!

Short and Sweet


I’ve got nothing against Orseund Iris — I love their easy, elevated basics, and I personally own one of their tanks — but I do have to give a bit of side-eye to their dresses, which are nearly $800 for a garment crafted from 100% polyester. At that price point, I’d expect the materials and the craftsmanship to measure up, and that’s exactly the case with this dress from STHR (pronounced Esther) Studios. The two have super similar vibes, but STHR’s dress is made from 100% silk, and features delicate ruching and draping along the bust, waist, and sleeves, all done by a seamstress. I’ve always liked the idea of a short wedding dress, and this one is perfect for running down the steps of the courthouse hand-in-hand with your new spouse.  

Take a Bow


Kamperett’s entire bridal collection is *chef’s kiss*, but my favorite of the bunch has to be this ruffly tiered gown constructed from silk organza. I mean, just get a load of those bows! It’s elegant yet whimsical, polished yet playful, and I adore the qipao-inspired tie closure at the front bodice. I’m also a big proponent of a dress that hits mid-length, especially if you decide on an elopement; I’ve seen way too many pictures of brides who wore full-length gowns to elope in the forest or on a mountaintop, and their trains are always steeped in mud. Save yourself the headache and the dry cleaning bill! 

Green With Envy


Who says your dress has to be white.... or that you have to wear a dress at all? Wading through a sea of milk, ivory, pearl, and snow-colored dresses day after day has only intensified my desire for some brightness and vibrancy — and brightness and vibrancy is precisely what this chartreuse silk jumpsuit from Mad Alma delivers. Sure, it’s an unconventional choice, and it definitely won’t be up everyone’s alley, but the more I consider the idea, the more I kinda love it. It’s fun, frisky, and fuss-free, plus I can guarantee you that your wedding photos won’t look like anyone else’s. 

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