Going Coconuts

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! 

It’s the middle of June and summer is in full swing, so today I thought I’d do a mini deep dive into the “coconut girl” aesthetic that’s been splashed all over my TikTok FYP. If you’re totally unfamiliar with the concept, think less Malibu influencer and more Billabong or Roxy chicks — according to this Nylon article, coconut girls are “inspired by Hawaiian prints, surf culture, and a 2006 mermaid film called Aquamarine.” Despite hailing from LA, I’ve never been big into the beach, but something about this trend has me itching to jump on my very first surfboard. What else is everyone up to this summer?

Swim Against the Stream


Every proper coconut girl needs a fun statement bikini for lounging on the beach, and though there are 91095570138 swimwear brands out there, I think De Mafé Swim’s groovy collection is very of-the-moment. I adore this swirly kaleidoscopic design, which is based off a painting from Mexican artist and architect Hugo Salinas and reminds me of those trippy-looking agate geodes. They offer tops and bottoms in a variety of styles and cuts, so you can mix and match whichever ones you prefer. Plus they’re ethically-made and environmentally-friendly: the suits are crafted from Repreve, a fabric made up of recycled water bottles, and they’re manufactured in factories in Indonesia that are clean, women-run, and pay a living wage.

Drink It In


Nothing screams coconut girl more than a hibiscus print, but as much as I love a good aloha shirt, I think I’d rather get my hibiscus fix through another source: hibiscus water. According to Ruby, hibiscus water has a similar taste to dried cherries (a little tart, a little sweet) and is packed with energy-enhancing electrolytes, immunity-boosting Vitamin C, and skin-saving antioxidants. I’m trying to cut down on the amount of sugar I drink — I’m not a big soda person but I do love my fruit juices — and with zero calories and zero added sugar, this tropical refresher seems like the perfect substitute. 

A Place in the Sun


I’m a tad too old to be plastering glitter tattoos up and down my arms — I’m 22, not 12 — but one can never be too old for glitter nail polish. I’m utterly enamored with the products from indie nail line Painted Polish; the brand’s delightfully sparkly polishes are flecked with every shimmer shade under the sun. I simply can’t decide between this effervescent tangerine, this holographic silver, this iridescent periwinkle, or this rainbow funfetti — someone help before I buy out the whole store!

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